MAZ 6422 (1981) ETS2 v1.43+1.42 (UPD 2022.04.20)

Last changelog:
ATTENTION: The mod was tested on a test profile!!! (Mistakes excluded)
Fixed front wheel physics.
Removed steering wheel conflict with other trucks.
The sounds of MAZ Diesel engines have been changed.
Now MAZ sounds are divided into 2 categories: V6 and V8.
Curtains and a walkie-talkie were cut out, which heavily planted FPS.
The characteristics of the gearboxes of 650HP and 710HP engines have been changed to REAL data.
The log with errors and warnings is finally fixed and is 100% clean.
The mod is fully optimized and ready to play!

ATTENTION: Sell your truck located in the garage, in order to avoid crashing out of the game!!!
Since some truck physics improvements have been introduced!

Tested on ETS2 version:

Warning: Please do not confuse with the MAZ-6422M truck from the Authors of RTA_Mod !!!
All good mood and pleasant travel!!!

Authors: JAWA, Stas556.
Adaptation, refinement: AJIEHA.
Steering wheel and windows animation: AJIEHA.
Model conversion: MaxX_AGENT.
Improvements and fixes in the log: MaxX_AGENT.

DOWNLOAD 327 MB [mirror]

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