MAZ 6422 V08.02.20 1.36.X

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Fully Autonomous MAZ-6422 for Euro Truck Simulator 2
Sold in MAN salons
Your engines in real sound
Each motor has its own check point
DLS and Sisl pack support
Registered in the company and gallery
Cable support

08.02.20 version:
– fixed a spoiler
– Added a model to the interior
– The new location of the cables
– Added side and front mirrors from beta
– Ability to install flashing beacons, pneumatic signals and additional headlights
– Fixed the position of the windshield and side Windows, raindrops are now outside, not in the cabin

_69_mf_, Kolianchik


2 thoughts on “MAZ 6422 V08.02.20 1.36.X

  1. jayontheway228

    Предлагаю ознакомится с обзором мода
    Если понравилось — подпишись )

  2. alexander_313

    Мой обзор мода –

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