Maz 6422

Maz-6422-1 Maz-6422-2 Maz-6422-3

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– Written Autonomous
– Bought in the showroom MAN
– Has its own tuning
– New engines and sounds
– Added support for accessories SiSL’s Mega Pack

Tested on version 1.23.x (first link) & 1.24.x (second link)

Authors: JAWA, Stas556, Mishanka, _69_mf_, Kriechbaum, Dark_Wolf

DOWNLOAD 271 MB for 1.23.x
DOWNLOAD 271 MB for 1.24.x

10 Responses to Maz 6422

  1. Pepe says:

    Why is Ingame a diffrent sound than in the Video?

    • Pepe says:

      Nevermind i’m stupid. didn’t noticed that the Sound changes with the “Euro 0-4”

  2. bogdan_uk says:

    Напишите автора Koral, в этом моде взяты модели ШТОР и БРЫЗГОВИКОВ (анимация)
    Write author Koral as well. In this mod his CURTAINS and MUDFLAPS (animation).

    • Joe the gamer says:

      You’re right, but the update with animated mudflaps and curtains was made by _69_mf_…..

      • Koral says:

        All right, this is my girlfriend and i have not f****d, she lost mind…

  3. doker says:


  4. 69_mf says:

    The original video, only the first.
    The rest of the fake.

  5. Koral says:


  6. gregoris says:

    nice truck but has problem in relations gearbox.I would like 6,8, and 10 gears.

    • 69_mf says:

      Edit itself, the file transmission, engine and chassis are not under password.

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