Maz 6422

Maz-6422-1 Maz-6422-2 Maz-6422-3

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– Written Autonomous
– Bought in the showroom MAN
– Has its own tuning
– New engines and sounds
– Added support for accessories SiSL’s Mega Pack

Tested on version 1.23.x (first link) & 1.24.x (second link)

Authors: JAWA, Stas556, Mishanka, _69_mf_, Kriechbaum, Dark_Wolf

DOWNLOAD 271 MB for 1.23.x
DOWNLOAD 271 MB for 1.24.x

10 thoughts on “Maz 6422

  1. Why is Ingame a diffrent sound than in the Video?

    1. Nevermind i’m ######. didn’t noticed that the Sound changes with the “Euro 0-4”

  2. bogdan_uk

    Напишите автора Koral, в этом моде взяты модели ШТОР и БРЫЗГОВИКОВ (анимация)
    Write author Koral as well. In this mod his CURTAINS and MUDFLAPS (animation).

    1. Joe the gamer

      You’re right, but the update with animated mudflaps and curtains was made by _69_mf_…..

      1. All right, this is my girlfriend and i have not f****d, she lost mind…

  3. what+is+the+password??

  4. The original video, only the first.
    The rest of the fake.

  5. All+right,+this+is+my+girlfriend+and+I+have+not+######,+she+lost+mind…

  6. nice truck but has problem in relations gearbox.I would like 6,8, and 10 gears.

    1. Edit itself, the file transmission, engine and chassis are not under password.

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