MAZ 6422M + DLC

maz-6422m-1 maz-6422m-3 maz-6422m-2

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– Stand-alone (separate slot)
– Buying in showrooms DAF
– Spelled out in the orders agencies (Phantom94)
– 1 cabin
– 1 chassis
– 11 engines (2 TMZ, 9 YaMZ)
– Transmission one under each engine
– His shop
– Its sounds
– His wheels (option 2)
– Paint
– A lot of outdoor tyunninga
– Fixed collision truck (rested on the trailer and did not call for
it) Phantom94
My changes:
– Replaced all sound new
– Has registered a new camera
– Full support for “DLC Cabin Accessories” and “National Window
Tested 1.26



11 thoughts on “MAZ 6422M + DLC

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  2. Mod from June 2016. Author text: for v1.24.х – Fake.

  3. Video Test on my Youtube Channel

  4. Albert96rus

    Video 1.26:

  5. only one gearbox,I play only gearbox with 6 speeds by hand changes.this is real driving

    1. Yea Gregoris, then again, you are not the only person on this planet.

  6. ??????

  7. RTA´s 🙁

  8. SCS Software It has put in trucks of 6 speeds because the people want.why do not you doing; nobody only automatic gearbox only for the lazy;

  9. Ohh why not real steering wheel degrees?)

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