MAZ 6440 for Harsh Russian (Upd 10.08.17)

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Maz was made for harsh Russia specifically for a pack of off-road trailers, for simple can not try to call in, will not call.
Purchase in the DAF saloon, registered in a separate slot
1 cabin
2 interiors
1 chassis 6×6
2 engines
6 transmissions
Tuning no,
Advanced coupling works.
Wheels are borrowed from the Urals from the Ekualizer.

Update 10.08.17
-Replaced tanks,pipes,rear bumper
-Completely redrawn the front part of the chassis and a bunch of edits of the model as a whole
-Lightweight model truck with 1.1 m to 600K polygons, area with 500k to 300K
-Addedreplaced a lot of textures
-Added 2 camo skin
Even put physics but was tested only on the steering wheel 900

Vovan Yurchenko (lynx55) Wheel model author: Ekualizer Modified: MouseG


4 thoughts on “MAZ 6440 for Harsh Russian (Upd 10.08.17)

  1. please make the Mercedes-Benz Unimog Dakar!

    1. If you pay for it, may he will, you little spammer 😀

  2. Full HD Complete test video-

  3. terrorboy

    in welke truck dealer kan je deze kopen in euro truck simulator 2 wand er staat daf dealer bij maar daar staat die helaas niet tussen

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