MAZ 6440 v 2.0 [1.26]

Hello! I decided to share this wax with you, since it was abandoned long ago. I stumbled upon it quite by accident on the Internet, a little corrected due to its capabilities. And so at the moment it has:

-Selling in the MAN showroom
-1 cabin
-1 chassis 6×6
-4 transmission
-4 engine
-5 skins
-painting in metalic
-2 interior (1 was, 2 I did)
Animation in the salon, as well as the animation of the wipers from the outside.
-The outer textures are baked
-Edited collision, advanced coupling works.
-Support DLC Cabin Accessories

In general, he is not as miserable as he was before. I tested on versions 1.24 and 1.26 as I do not have others.

Authors: Andrei Bychkov, Evgeni Yestigneyev, Vovan Yurchenko


3 thoughts on “MAZ 6440 v 2.0 [1.26]

  1. Young-Gamer

    In version 1.27 this mod crashes the game unfortunately.

  2. ###!!!!! crashed the game unfortunately….

  3. Please Update a 1.27!

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