MAZ 6440


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– Buying in Motor Volvo.
– Its interior.
– Sounds default engine .
– Painted in factory colors .
– His wheels.
– Test versions : 1.20s / 1.19s

Satan Anton


4 Responses to MAZ 6440

  1. Doktor_Psix says:

    Обзор на русском

  2. koleso says:

    What another ugly truck . )))))) I mean , in real life .

  3. jake_the_snake says:

    If You want that small needle near left mirror to disappear and the missing needles on dashboard to apper, just do the following. Open the scs file in archive reader (I used 7zip) Navigate to def/vehicle/truck/maz_kapot/interior and open standard.sii file. Comment two “generic…” lines with # at the front, so they look like this:
    # generic_anim: “/vehicle/truck/for_freightliner/generic.pma”
    # generic_anim_max: 1.0
    Save it. And that’s it. The needles are fixed.

  4. Kenseth says:

    hello! please update in work 1.27!

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