MAZ 9758-30XX

Flatbed Semitrailer MAZ-9758-30хх
The ability to gather 2 models p\p (975830-3012 and 975830-3021) versions of the awning.

-Completely baked.
-You can buy it at property.
-Cable support.
-There is tuning:
-Frame (3 colors)
-body (3 colors)
-2 types of rear bumper (new and old model)
-2 a tent (Tent with gate, fully tilt with the Board)
-Wings (separate and 2 wings front and rear)
-Reflective stripes on the side and awning.
-Awning can be painted and draw skins on it.
-Protection of tanks 2 options.

Changes v1.1:
– Added missing shadows and reworked old ones.
– Made pattern.
– Fixed some bugs.
– Added cable holder.
– Side protection now in tuning+added black option.
– Made lightmask,now all the lights are on.

The template is attached in the archive.

DESKPRO, Igor Samson, Ventyres, Gaykov


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