Maz Zubrenok


Maz Tandem “Zubrenok” for ETS2.
With interior, sounds.
Thats only BETA version!
Tested on

Ols, Bruicer, Fanis, Alisman


5 thoughts on “Maz Zubrenok

  1. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Great truck!

    Good job on this one! 😀


  2. great mod, i only miss GPS

  3. needs some work but for now ok 🙂

  4. TruckSimFan

    This is a good truck for the Hungary (0.91) map since the distance between towns is smaller and it’s more city driving than OTR (Over The Road).

    Also, the larger Tandem truck packs (v13-15) have errors where the rear pup trailer will receive (example) 4% damage for rolling off the edge of the road onto GRASS! So, hopefully no problems like that in this one as it goes from Beta to final 🙂

    1. TruckSimFan

      P.S. — I hope the mod author(s) don’t add useless clutter to the cabin like laptops, banners, fringe drapes, passenger(s), etc.

      Most of that stuff obscures your view, eats frames and is inappropriate (nude girlie magazines).

      Keep it clean and simple, but polished 🙂

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