Mazda RX8

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The model is taken from a rus share site. Edit and Convert operation is entirely owned by Ahmet Can ÇAKAR. All errors will be fixed in version V2.

Game Version: 1.28
Mode Version: 1.0
Producer: Ahmet Can Çakar

Ahmet Can Çakar


12 thoughts on “Mazda RX8

  1. FoxOnTheBox

    HD video tested on 1.28

  2. Scooby123

    Fuckin trash with skoda interior

    1. yes I agree! so same ####### trash with BMW X6 sound….

    2. Mazda RX8 interior….

      this one:

  3. Another car with skoda interior. A ####### RUBBISH

  4. Tomasz_Mr

    List of great cars ruined by skoda interior:
    1. Porsche 911
    2. Chrysler 300C
    3. Ferrari California
    4. Mazda RX-8
    What will be next? 🙁

    1. The Ugly on Interior with Skoda interior…

    2. 7367Network

      RX8 isn’t gr8.. only the RX7 is great

      1. Tomasz_Mr

        Your point of view.

      2. AzoraxModdingGaming

        both of these Japanese cars are great

  5. bide pejo 207 modifiyeli çıkarın ya 😀

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