MB 1632 Sound


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Mercedes Benz 1632 Truck Sound

Author: Volidas


11 thoughts on “MB 1632 Sound

  1. nice sound, thanks!

  2. kriechbaum

    Sounds nice too !

    Thanks to share what your work.

    1. Respect to your work’s my FRIEND !!!!

  3. excelent sound… cheers!

  4. nice job file volida bravo

  5. Thank you all.

  6. longlinerV8

    this is not brazil #### this is real mod ####.
    it is not my brand but i love old trucks

    tnx volidas

  7. Kill4MeHILL

    I am confused, need a little help please. I have the truck mod in-game an is working fine. The files are NOT scs. files. And i have NO idea how to convert them. I have tried both sound mods “which are scs.” and can not get them to work for the truck. What in the world am i doing wrong? Thanx for any help.

    1. kriechbaum

      Follow this steps to change the extension name.



  8. How to use it? I copy the scs file to mod folder but the sound is the same.

    1. Go to your profil and activate it…

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