MB Actros 1841 MANVESTA Car Transporter


– Buyable cars on the platform
– Buyable items in interior
– Own realistic sounds
– Own wheels
– Tuneable

Works only with 1.9 version

SCS, Sergeev, Gytis, Kazel, Gastro, Pietras.


10 thoughts on “MB Actros 1841 MANVESTA Car Transporter

  1. Андрей

    суки.Это мерседес для ETS А НЕ ДЛЯ ETS2

  2. MrGermanTruck

    The Truck is for GTS not for ETS 2 !

    1. Roadrunner

      probably converted FROM gts to ETS2 but you can see in the pic that it is in ETS2 look at the shadows you dont get them in GTS!!

  3. Not work 1.9.22s.

  4. walusiovsky

    It doesn’t work

  5. Esta vida loca

    It’s very sad!

    I want them.

  6. Krassen Panev

    Work or not in 1.9 or ?

  7. Worthless site Lithuanians! I #### you vrot for cheating! You deceive people! Do not check the content! I will write a complaint to your nechtozhny site. You shame of the nation!

  8. WASTE OF TIME. Just crashes even with no other mods installed.

  9. ok just to make sure ppl know this mods is for ETS ONLY if u do put it in ur ets2 game it will crash and u will hve to restart ur game all over
    1 this is for ETS
    2 its not for ETS2

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