MB Actros MP1 + Interior + Addons

MB-Actros-MP1 +Interior+Addons-1 MB-Actros-MP1 +Interior+Addons-2

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Mercedes Benz Actros MP1 Truck with Interior and Addons

Authors: SCS, Ant457


11 Responses to MB Actros MP1 + Interior + Addons

  1. FLarV says:

    Nice mod but can you make the Skoda Rapid as Standadlone Car??? That will be very cool. Another Car will be not so bad.

  2. sirvanmalakouti says:

    plz author link
    example mediafire

  3. -RETRANSA-LTu says:

    Where it is necessary to raise those files?

  4. -RETRANSA- says:

    Where it is necessary to raise those files?

  5. Razvan says:

    What dealer?

  6. Stas556 says:

    (Authors: SCS, Ant457)
    Авторы молодцы! Хороший салон и анимацию сделали!!! А я, “Stas556” и “водитель102рус”, видно зря над ним работали, надо было сразу обратиться к “Ant457”, и нет проблем. Слава “Ant457”, дай бог ему вдохновения над будущими работами!!!

  7. houssem says:

    please dont upload on sharmods

    no reprise

    mediafire is good

  8. GGM says:

    NO DOWNLAOD ?????

  9. The_Driver says:

    Video MB Actros MP1 :

  10. Michael Piet says:

    How to install??? i get a list of maps, without any .scs files.

  11. Radek says:

    Please link for tandem trailer 🙁

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