MB Actros MP3 Reworks – ByCapital v 3.8

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This is my rework of the Mercedes Actros MP3 by SCS.

This mod adds a lot of plastic, painted and chrome parts which you can choose as you like.
It comes with badges for all chassis and engines.
It has all standard chassis plus three different low deck chassis and 8×4 chassis for Mecaspace and High sleeper cabs.

The mod is for game version 1.32 and above only!

Templates can be found here: https://sharemods.com/l5dthdevqihe/MB_Actros_MP3_Reworks_Templates.zip.html

Changelog v3.5 to 3.8
Reworked mufflers
Reworked skinnable interiors
Added new fenders for tag axles
Fixed dashboard computer
Fixed some bugs
And more

Please don’t reupload and do respect the credits.

Sound made by Leen
Dashboard computer made by Piva
Custom Bumper Lights by Abasstreppas
Lightmasks for headlights by 50keda
Textures for heavy duty-fenders and custom bumpers by Kast
Def-file fixes by CobraBlue6

Capital, Leen, Piva, Abasstreppas, 50keda, Kast, CobraBlue6, SCS



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4 thoughts on “MB Actros MP3 Reworks – ByCapital v 3.8

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.32

  3. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.32…

  4. Good work here, but in v3.8 do not work retarder light in dashbord.
    This works fine in past version 3.5

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