MB Actros MPIV Interior/Exterior Rework

Interior-Exterior-Rework-3 Interior-Exterior-Rework-2 Interior-Exterior-Rework-1

Key features:

– New HQ dashboard in HD;
– Vast majority of interior textures changed or reworked;
– Interiors recreated using real ones;
– Improved textures of truck light systems: headlights, lateral lights, tail lights;
– New HD versions of outside interior textures;
– RHDLHD compatible.

Compatible with 1.21.x, but it should work on older versions too.

Author: AlexeyP


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6 thoughts on “MB Actros MPIV Interior/Exterior Rework

  1. Koenigsegg

    thanks a lot my friend 🙂

  2. Thanks, Koenigsegg!

    Happy trucking everyone!
    Remember: keep calm and drive MB!))

  3. Very nice. thx

  4. Thanks, Theosz!

  5. Could you please make it a bit less black? It shouldn’t be that black, just a bit darker than the original. Thanks

  6. Very nice. As GeoSyll mentions, it’s a little bit too dark/black in some areas, but overall you improved on the stock dash without making a mess with bright colors. Nice if you want something better looking but still realistic!

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