MB Axor 2009 – 2012 + Interior V1

MB-Axor-1 MB-Axor-2 MB-Axor-3

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Hello I’m adarf33.
This mod include Mercedes Axor 2009 and 2012 with real own interior.
This is a first realese
I will improve it short time.
This mod have got so much modification part.
Compatible with cabin dlc

Please share original link only don’t reupload!

[email protected]

Authors: adarf33(Furkan Sarısoy), Danz


21 Responses to MB Axor 2009 – 2012 + Interior V1

  1. chop1543 says:


  2. Metehan Bilal says:

    Eline koluna sağlık çüksüz

  3. I love you MB says:

    Crash game … Why ? :O

  4. Darren says:

    video preview please 🙂

  5. MrTwink says:

    Abi Mod hatalı dorse aldıgında Tırın ön tarafı ortadan bölünüyo yukarı kalkıyo bu sorunu çözersen mutlu olurum + beni steamden silmişsin abi 😀

  6. Norbert Vogler says:

    Is this patch 1.23 kompatibel?

  7. andy says:

    Game Crash Version 1.24

    • Ahmet Özkul says:

      No grashing on 1.24 plase use the orjinal game

      • andy says:

        Realy ? i Used the Original Game are you Kidding me ? The Game Crash with This MOD!

        • Ahmet Özkul says:

          Hey @andy no grash in my game. and version is 1.24. I havent got any problem. Also you can see Mr.GermanTruck has been tested this mod. Proplem is on your game .

  8. matpol98 says:

    Looks nice, but does it have indicators like retarder and axle lift? I feel like most trucks are missing this feature. It might be small, but to some people it means a lot, specially for me who use the cockpit view all the time.

  9. Diablo says:

    Game Crash Version 1.24

  10. TruckDriver says:

    Game Crash Version 1.24

  11. Gekurous says:

    Alright. It’s crashing on patch 1.24 :(((((((((((( Well that’s sad. I wish it did work for me.

  12. adarf33 says:

    If you get error you must extract with 7zip

    And agin you are getting error send here game.log.txt

  13. ali85 says:

    1.24 oyun surumu modu yukluyorum galeriye girdigimde hata neden boyle?

  14. Kennne says:

    Game crash v1.24.2.1

  15. Darsh71 says:

    game crash v1.24.

  16. Aditya says:


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