MB-New Trvaego 16 SHD V2 1.44

Mod Version : 1.44x

High quality model and finish,
Realistic engine sound and retarder,
real console model,
More than one company coating,
Best Van Tur has a metallic paint coating.
Doors and Window Animation.

Who contributed
Model: jekich1 – Mahyar Ghasemi (interior) – Arda Sağlam
Model Editing and Streaming: Artin Kazanciyan
Fmod Audio: Kriechbaum – Max2712 – Freelance – Amin Babaei – Harun Aras
Company Coatings: Bey Bedros – Abdullah Zengin – Burak Bıkmaz – Hasan Çekdar



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  1. reupload
    file from 31.05

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