MBL Addons Reworked Volvo 1.39

Hi i updated the mbl addons for volvo wach out this version is not compatible with volvo dlc, the one for volvo dls i do later u can use this one with eugene and volvo from scs whitout dlc.

mbl and darkbullseye


8 thoughts on “MBL Addons Reworked Volvo 1.39

  1. Legend! Thank you

  2. How can I deactive the Volvo Dlc and does this work with the SCS Volvo? Where can I find that option to do it.

  3. ExtremaRatio

    darkbullseye how i can contact with you?

  4. I have glitch with lights my lights changed into pink squares

    1. how to fix ?

  5. my lights turned into pink squares how to fix?

  6. Jakubek20

    When update to 1.40 ?

  7. scaniablack

    this is rubbish, fake!

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