McGregor skin for Volvo FH 16




5 thoughts on “McGregor skin for Volvo FH 16

  1. mistakes happen sorry ,dont download this , download coming next same paintjob by Smallboy

  2. This is my last upload paintjob and mods for this site because some people criticize my mods .example driver mod so thanks for support ets2 LT .BYE

    1. don t have to be upset just let them criticize ur doing a great job i like ur skins and this 1 is great

  3. RickDeckard

    I agree, don’t bother with childish critism.
    This skin is just amazing.

  4. I’m sure that exists better ways to make critical… and must be positive to keep high level and create excitement, not low esteem.

    If exist a critical, MakE with minimal respect.

    I remember a game where EA do not launched a new version because, after 7 years to developement, almost all players do pirate copy, so. This excellent game do not had a second version.

    and…if a modder did for free a mod, did yourself better, updates with no errors (or minimal) and still is called to \bad Words\… ###

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