Mediterrean Map (MedMap) v0.1 [1.36]

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This map adds roads and cities in Italy.

This build v0.1 contains the cities Lecce and Crotone and the towns Sibari, Cariati and Brindisi which were brought back from Renzo & Deco’s ItalyMap.
The map should be compatible with any other map.
You need BOTH files below (def & prefabs), but you don’t need to download the prefabs file if you already play a map which uses FLD’s prefabs (e. g. ProMods).

Tested in 1.36.

Deco13, Renzo248 (map); gmtavares (adaption); Topolino, EdgeGladiator, poland.ball (rebuild); FLD (prefabs)

DOWNLOAD 477 MB [Prefabs]

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4 thoughts on “Mediterrean Map (MedMap) v0.1 [1.36]

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thank you very much indeed

  2. Per favore aggiungete Aosta, Bolzano, Grosseto e Perugia!

  3. Hello, is this map compatible with promods, roextended, road to aral, eaa map, Promzona 4, YKSRSK ,Southern Region Map, Russian Open spaces, Great Steppe, PJ Indo, Australia Tasmania map .

    If yes, what is the priority order of the map?

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