Mega Combo Pack (MCP) V4.0, plugin pack v1.0


The Mega Combo Pack V4.0, Plugin pack v1.0 By Rudy (Tested version 1.21.x and 1.22.x)

This version will make it a lot easier to make combo’s , it’s more realistic and it contains much more company trailers. It is also the base which I will use for so called company plugin files
(this will be explained further on in this readme). This new method makes it possible to make more companies, without overloading the job marked with new trailers.

The highlights:
– Realistic truck & trailer skins;
– Real company buildings & logo’s (DHL, DSV, DB Schenker etc);
– Some warehouses are in the appearance of the company style;
– Company trailers are sorted out by the company they belong to;
– LKW-log & Eurogoodies (can be changed in a company off your choice, each company is provided with ca. 15 a 20 different company trailers. More companies will be available soon, only playable in combination with this mod.

More pictures and previews :[email protected]/
If you want, feel free to sponsor this project on paypal! Thank you in advance:

The Mega Combo Pack v4.1 contains 3 different types of files:
– MCP V4.0 Base 1 & 2 file. (contains all the basic files in order to use MCP V4.1)
– MCP Plugin Company file. (This plugin file will allow you to change LKWlog & Euro goodies into the company of your choice) USE THE PLUGIN FILE ONLY ONE AT THE TIME!
– This version contains the plugin files for the companies: Ceva, Dachser, DSV, DHL, DB Schenker, Ewals.
– Other company plugin files ) will be uploaded in the next weeks. In order to use the plugins, the MCP V4.0 Base1.scs & MCP V4.0 Base2.scs must be activated.

For example, I want to play MCP V4.0 with CEVA as the company of my choice, then activate the files:
MCP V4.0 Ceva plugin.scs (plugin always the highest priority!)
MCP V4.0 Base 1.scs
MCP V4.0 Base 2.scs

For example, I want to play MCP V4.0 with DSV as the company of my choice, then activate the files:
MCP V4.0 DSV plugin.scs (plugin always the highest priority!)
MCP V4.0 Base 1.scs
MCP V4.0 Base 2.scs

The MCP V4.0 base files contains:
• Skins for all default trucks and for RJL Scania R & Streamline for 22 companies;
• New trailers, sorted out by company:
• Company buildings:
– BCP -> GLS (Default scs. trailers);
– Euro Acres -> Daily Fresh ( Daily fresh & Tip trailers );
– FCP -> Kuehne Nagel ( Mainly Kuehne + Nagel trailers (6p.);
– ITCC -> Raab Karcher (Default scs. trailers);
– NBFC -> Shell (Default scs. trailers);
– Posped -> Norbert Dentressangle (Mainly Norbert Dentr. Trailers (5p.); (Repainted comp. building );
– Quarry -> Caterpillar (Default scs. trailers);
– San Builders -> BAM international (Default scs. trailers);
– Scout -> Skoda (Default scs. trailers);
– Stokes -> DHL (Mainly DHL trailers (6p.)(Repainted comp. building );
– Tradeaux -> DB schenker ( Mainly DB Schenker trailers (7p.) (Repainted comp. building );
– Transinet -> DSV (Mainly DSV trailers (7p.) (Repainted comp. building );
– Trameri -> Rhenus (Various trailers);
– Tree-ET -> Ferguson (Ferguson trailers and default scs Log trailers);
– WGCC -> Total (Default scs. trailers);
– Kaarfor -> Aldi
– Sellplan -> Spar

Notice: Some company plugin files may change the company in another company as described as above.

– LKW-Log & Eurogoodies -> Players choice:
-DB Schenker

The MCP V4.0 Plugin Company file contains:
– Repainted distribution centres for LKWlog & Eurogoodies in the appearance of the company of your choice;
– Ca. 20 new trailers of the company of your choice, always available at the company distribution centres.

– When you are using this mod for the first time, it will take a few “game ours” before the company trailers will appear in the job marked. The truck skins will be available just above the default colours in the paint shop.
Warning: Due to the extensive changes necessary to make this work, the game will consider this as “game changing” and will cancel any current jobs and return you to your main garage. Please make sure you finish your current delivery BEFORE installing/removing this mod.

Enjoy this mod

Greetz Rudy

Credits and a big thank you to:
ETS Studio team, MDmodding, Matdom1988 & Rommi TZ.
And my testing team: willy1962 & Obi!
Works with: Promods, TSM, Jazzycat mods, etc.



10 Responses to Mega Combo Pack (MCP) V4.0, plugin pack v1.0

  1. Woha says:

    Works fine!

    Big thank for that nice mod

  2. Windu says:

    When can we expect 1.23 to be doing and the Scania torpedo was it?

  3. Hubert says:

    work with promods + rusmap + trailer pack satan 3.9?

  4. gibanica says:

    waberers pls?

  5. Rodrigo says:

    i have the same problem with texture 🙁

    • Rudy says:

      Did you activate the next scs files: MCP V4.0 Company of your choice Plugin -> MCP V4.0 Base 1 ->MCP V4.0 Base 2 ?

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