Mega Combo Pack v4.0 – Missing Textures Fix


This patch corrects missing textures on company warehouses and Skoda factory in Rudy´s Mega Combo Pack v.4.0 mod.

Give to this patch higher priority than MCP v4.0 mod files

Tested on game version: 1.24

SCS, Yamato9


2 Responses to Mega Combo Pack v4.0 – Missing Textures Fix

  1. Rudy says:

    Yamato! Thank you!! Great job! Is it okay to integrate your solution into the next version of MCP?? If you like i will make a custom made truck paintjob with your name on it ;). As a thank you for your work. Just let me know.

    Greetz Rudy

    • yamato9 says:

      I´m glad you like it Rudy! I didn´t made much here, I only copied original scs v1.24 .pmd files of warehouses and pack them.
      Feel free to use this as you want. You did excellent job with your MCP mod, I´m looking forward to your next release. Keep it on!

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