Mega Mod Flatbeds v 2.0

Mega-Mod-Flatbeds-2 Mega-Mod-Flatbeds-1

This is a Mega Flatbed Mod by DragonModz

Version 2.0:
– Added small part that got lost off the MP4 on front on chassis (hard to notice)
– Added Beacons on back of all trucks (non removable)

Version 1.0:
There may be some bugs
For the following trucks you need to buy then restart game after purchase:
Scania R
Scania Streamline
Volvo FH2009
Volvo FH2012

Authors: DragonModz, SCS Software


3 Responses to Mega Mod Flatbeds v 2.0

  1. james says:

    are the trucks on the bed of the truck to be driven already in place on the truck or do you have to select each truck as a seperate load, go to pickup location and load it as regular cargo. Please explain this part of the mod as this is the first time seeing it.

  2. Adamisch says:

    Still needs some AO baking but looks good m8, very good looking.

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