Mega Mod Renault Magnum upgrade 1.40

Upgrade 1.40.
Hi everyone, here is a new mod, I created a double bull bar in the roof and painted the Viking, added several slots and looked at the frame, lowered it and placed the horns to the side. Hope you like it.

Version 1.40

Do not reload the link thanks.

Sorry for the bad English.

Scs, Ciak


2 thoughts on “Mega Mod Renault Magnum upgrade 1.40

  1. Flying Freddy

    Hi there
    If I download your mod it always says:
    “Your file is broken” – could you reupload it?

    1. Easy to understand.
      Again one Modder who uses a Program for Cryptage. 😒

      So, for me a no-go.

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