MEGA SLOT PACK for Scania S next GEN

This morning I came up with a CRAZY idea. Why not make an ultra package of slots that suit every configuration !!! I hope I have been very helpful with this mod !!! I don’t think it will be updated, it’s a surprise !!!

Recommended mods:
-Jetta addons
-50k addons
-Light package
-p8 addons


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11 thoughts on “MEGA SLOT PACK for Scania S next GEN

  1. che Idea stupida! hai iniziato già con le stronzate il primo giorno dell’anno nuovo.

  2. Matt_07ita

    Ogni volta che scrivi così faccio sempre successo,Vai a fare il personaggio del presepe che li sei forte!!!

    1. Mongoloide, fai lavori che Già esitono! COPIONE..

  3. GermanETS2Driver

    Thank you! Maybe you can update this Pack for Scania NG R?

    1. Matt_07ita

      piu avanti si!

  4. AzoraxModdingGaming

  5. I wanted to ask if he would carry this mod on the SCANIA R too much would happen again !!!

  6. Il est très bien ton mod mai il reste des défaut au niveaux des ficher à modifier sinon il est très bien ton mod

  7. Kai Kessel

    The mod is super cool

    My wish for the mod would be that it also works completely for the longline from Aryan_Edit, unfortunately there is only the lower bumper but I would also like to be on the roof, the spoiler above, the side spoilers and on the wheel arches as with the other Scania slots Attaching parts would be super cool if that could be done

  8. Can we get an update on this one for version 1.40? :3

    1. don’t mind this message. the mod is working perfectly on 1.40 lol 😀

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