Mega Store Reworked v 5.0

Mega-Store-Reworked-v-5.0-1 Mega-Store-Reworked-v-5.0-2

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– Fixed MAN 8×2 chassis
– Fixed little errors
– New DAF Heavy Haul 8×4
– New Scania Heavy Haul 8×4
– High Pipes for all Trucks

Author: Malcom37


46 thoughts on “Mega Store Reworked v 5.0

  1. Thnx man! I’m downloading it now

    1. I really like the straight pipes! Also I have another request, Don’t know if you can find them, but maybe some curtains for DAF/Scania, vanes. Like 50K’s addon mod, don’t know if you have the rights to copy from his mod 😛 and when I choose the tuned cabin, I can’t paint the cabin & when I choose the normal one I can paint it, but than I don’t have the lights in the frontgrill .. But I really appreciate this update already 🙂

  2. Please add tuning mod

    Volvo FH 2012 Ultimate Tuning v 1.1 ALL TRUCK!!!

  3. does it contain the scania r longline

  4. Geht leider momentan nicht, ShareMods Wartezeit OK, dann aber “Sende Datei”.
    Sonst nichts. 🙁

    1. @Jok
      Scheinbar hat shareMods Probleme , andere DLs gehen auch nicht

  5. did you see error when you choose tuned 4×2 for scania r series and where is streamline tuning?! next version plz

  6. Thanks!

  7. This was worse than the 4.0 version. No cabins for the new volvo and no extra leds is an example

    1. NMV Im an #####. haha

      1. NVM*

  8. ### He did a DAF 8x!!!


    ###! ###! ###! 🙂

    God Bless U


  9. TheDribblyMidgetJames

    The download link is not working for me, could you try it on Media Fire please?

    1. TheDribblyMidgetJames

      Nevermind, got it now!

  10. Thanks for updates!

  11. make them work for streamline…

  12. lollo2604

    il link va, ma non lo scarica. risolvete perché questa è la mia mod preferita

  13. lollo2604

    dopo un po va 🙂

    1. lollo2604

      dopo un po va 🙂

      ricordatevi di mettere un altro link 😉

  14. can you upload to mediafire because it wont work thanks

  15. can you upload to media fire please as it wont work thankyou

  16. Media fire please.
    Media fire,Media fire,Media fire …
    please,please,please …

    1. Ciao Malcom, the v.4 or v.5 works for scania R 700?

  17. Robertcarrizal

    i’ve got problem wasn’t working for Renault Magnum And Renault Premium Please UPdate!!!!


  18. Hi guys !!!

    I am new to this site and can somebody explain me if i need previous version before installing this, i tried with previous ones but files are locked !!!

    Why are some mods locked, do i need to pay to someone for password, they are outdated or something else ?

    On some mods i don’t see for what version is it made, if doesn’t wrote anything is it for all versions or just for latest ?

    I am using 9.22

    1. Maybe you are using the original made only by Kyto.

      He did not update for a long time, and mod made by him is locked. it’s a right by owner to keep property (the codes). Others modders do not locked, so u can make private change, if allowed. Pay is not a option.

      Test this mod without previous installed. keep only the last version.

  19. I love this mod.
    For me, it´s one of the best parts mod.

    I don´t know if it´s possible, but maybe you can add some antennas (straight, not tilted) for the mirror bars left and right in the future?

    And some variations of roof spoilers? Or is there another mod?


  20. @yawa antennas and more parts comming at the next vision

  21. In this version of Megastore did you fix problem with “invalid wheel index 2 and 3” at 8×4 chassis? Thnx for reply 🙂

  22. Hey! Can you also make a table for in the cabin where you can put laptop (with navigation) and maybe some led lights under the spoiler of scania (between straight exhaust pipes) I already have a mod which has al these things but they don’t work together with the megamod 😡

  23. Scaniadriver

    Can you make 10×4 or 10×6 chassis for Scania R ?

  24. FlutiCason

    thanks for this really nice mod!

    but I have just a little question…it is possible to make the flashing small leds more brighter and intense? in contrast to the steady burn leds see the flashing leds quite lost

  25. Mercohaulic


  26. Mercohaulic

    sorry for CAPs

  27. skoogiz93

    what is the password ?

  28. tonttuplays

    Can you please add 50keda acceosry to this pack


  29. Please add tuning parts for the streamline. Yet another great update but please include the streamline in the next update.

    thanks 🙂

  30. Report for abuse, no you work mod…mod by Kyto….

  31. Faelandaea

    ~shakes head~ You guys keep asking for passwords – passwords to what? The mod is free and it works, and if you are trying to edit it, just open it with Winrar and have at it. And if it’s locked, just unlock it and edit away. Just respect the original author’s wishes and keep your edits to yourself – I.E. don’t ###### upload them. But there’s nothing keeping anyone from editing for their own enjoyment on their own machine 🙂

  32. How can I use own skins on the tuning cab’s? I can’t select skin mods if I use the Scania’s tuned highline cabine

  33. This mod for 1.14?

  34. Fr : génial ! je ne peux plus m’en passer, mais la ou il y a un problème, c’est que ce mod pourrit les skins des Man, Mercedes et Volvo en grande partie. Surtout ceux en DLC ou les Raven par exemple : il manque les dessins sur la cabine. Et les skins créés fonctionnent, mais c’est tres embetant. y a t-il un correctif à rajouter pour corriger ça svp ?

    Eng : awesome! I can live without it, but or there is a problem is that this mod rots Man skins, Mercedes and Volvo largely. Especially those DLC or Raven eg missing drawings on the cab. And created skins work, but it is very hassle. There he has a fix for adding to fix that please?

  35. Nice mod but the foglight doesnt work , it crashes the game ?

  36. Superwerke

    There are multiple bugs for the Iveco.

  37. Superwerke

    Sorry, no problem. I was the problem.

  38. Downloaded this mod when it came over a year ago, and it work nearly as well today. One problem has arisen since the last DLC came from SCS, the accessories appears in the outside mirror and outside of your vehicle when you use some of the Globetrotter deluxe cabins on Volvo, is there any chance that there will come an updated version?
    I really like this mod, so i will use it anyway.

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