Mega Tandem Trailer v 2.0

Mega-Tandem-Trailer-v-2.0-1 Mega-Tandem-Trailer-v-2.0-2

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New in 2.0 version
– Fixed errors
– Trailer a little smaller
– Fixed collision
– Fixed wheels
– Tandem chassis for all trucks included

Author: Malcom37


13 thoughts on “Mega Tandem Trailer v 2.0

  1. Kullinari

    Thank you, The Mod 1A

  2. Faelandaea

    Awesome trailer as long as the ground is perfectly flat along the entire route. Is that actually a trailer that exists in real life? If so, I feel sorry for the driver that has to go anywhere near a hill O.o

    I am not complaining about the mod by the way – just commenting on the trailer design itself.

    1. UnableRogue

      Haha I know what you mean. xD

    2. Michael Piet

      The trailers IRL are much higher, and not that low. its looks like a lowered gangsta mobile, here.

  3. Anonymous one

    It seems like a short road train.
    SCS should include road trains possibility.


  4. pralk0suszarka

    Correct the collision because as uphill drive into the trailer always hooks for directions.

  5. Derek Wells

    I Love this Mod! it is such a good road train, I like the length in particular.

  6. From the look of the trailer its a full length 24m scandinavian road train, maybe the overhang of the truck is a bit too long, the trailer would go straigh in with full range of steering of the truck, otherwise a great mod! 🙂

  7. ciun ciai

    it’s a nice mod, i tested a lot on version 1.14… and work great 🙂 but if you want, you can make some changes in V 3.0 mod:
    – you must do it for all trucks, not only for Scania;
    – your trailer is good, but need some changes, it’s feel like a very big (caravan) camping trailer, your wheels are too small, must be a little bigger and to be at the back of the trailer, not at middle of trailer and in front of trailer put some turning wheels like in this video -> here it’s a REAL trailer and your must be like this one;
    – and do it a cistern trailer too and a big and long one, but change that annoying chrome paint !! put some colours on it, not chrome !;
    – do more trailers at different weights, cuz not all trucks have 750 HP like Volvo, or 730 HP like Scania… e.g: DAF XF EURO 6 have only 510 HP, make a trailer for DAF
    at 16 t or make 5 trailers at 8 t, 12 t, 16 t, 20 t and 24 t.

    I hope you will read my comment and do it V 3.0 🙂 Thanx, mate!

  8. Giova2892

    I’ve used that mod, but the first weel, is un in the air, on my scania 8×4 tandem, ant the same thing is happening on scania T 6×4, the only difference is that with scania R I can turn using the rear weel, othervise, with the scania T the turn range is really big, because the steering weel touch the road really bad.

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