Mega Traffic Mod v 3.2

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– Increased traffic
– Better AI lights
– Increased trucks traffic speed and streets limits
– Added more combination of cabin and chassis truck in traffic
– Truck’s Sideskirt in the traffic are now of the same truck color
– New trucks models added in the traffic
– Better quality of climatic situation
– All trailers in the traffic

V1.1 Changelog:
– Fixed some wheels errors
– Deleted Peterbilt 387 from traffic. It caused lots of shadow errors

V2.0 Changelog
– Added Man Euro 6 to the truck traffic
– Added new cars in the AI Traffic

V2.1 Changelog
– Fixed a Man TGX Euro 6 error
– Fixed problem with car Mercedes S600 in UK
– Fixed A problem with a .tobj file

– Fixed some bugs
– Added 9 new vehicles in the traffic

– Fixed some errors
– Beacon of overweight traffic trailers and of police carss act now like a flashing light (thanks to 98Andrea98)
– Added 1 mini bus in the truffic

– Fixed one error on a parking vehicle (Thanks 98andrea98)
– Added Volvo VNL660 to the traffic

Grazie a 98Andrea98

Also credits to:
Danz, Sintclair, Sib3rius, SCS, Vlasta, Anaheim, Tomek, Dominik, fenderok, MR Green, Ventyres, mak, Onixer, Evrey, Dimok, luthfan, Jazzycat, ManuBee1998, ManoS, Aligator, Srele, CJoke, Panther, Tema Cesar and much more….


42 thoughts on “Mega Traffic Mod v 3.2

  1. is the trailer traffic mod included?

  2. trucker richy

    I used it on 1.3.1 and i never saw any increase in traffic, nor did the AI trucks speed change.

  3. Sarkissian

    Getting: ERROR 500 – Internal Server Error!
    When trying to download this!

  4. New link pls!!!

  5. raulonchon

    new game, just use a mod (Mega Traffic Mod v 3.2), 10 minutes after play, Crash game, I go back 10-15 minutes again game crash
    please fix (tested on 1.3.1)

    1. Same as i, hope it will e fixed

    2. I like this mod.
      Yes, there is game crash few minutes after play (on 1.3.1). I tried with new profile, with no any other mods. Problem exist – game crash.

      1. error line from game.log: 00:03:55.447 : .\m_manager.cpp(1226): ?alloc_mem@memory_manager_t@prism@@QAEPAXIPAVc_item_t@2@@Z: [mem] unable to get an empty memory block…

        1. I get this same error.
          it often happen when i enter in a city.
          i think its about there is to much detailed cars and trucks in the traffic.

  6. raulonchon

    I did not see any new truck, but I did see many new cars

    Software error:

    Can’t connect to Mysql server. at Modules/ line 28.
    For help, please send mail to the webmaster ([email protected]), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

  8. I couldn’t make it work (1.3.1 – Existing profile)
    It may work with a new profile. Haven’t tried yet.
    What I saw looked good.

  9. Sarkissian

    It’s also LOCKED!! So not even a possibility to fix the wrongs in this pack!! So not for me this pile of errors and ####!

    1. It have no bugs man, maybe your barin has. You have only to increas your memory pool and to use the right version.

  10. Robisierra

    It crahes my game too after 10-15 minutes. But i did see some new cars, and they do drive much faster and much smarter.

  11. It is so hard for you guys increase your memory pool to make this mod working?? Works everything fine for me. Very nice mod!!!

  12. ###, but it is so hard to report all the description of a mod when you repost a mod??

    The mod to work fine need an increase of memory pool.

    1. You are right =) i change it to recommended memory size and it worked

      For does who don’t where it is: Start > Right Click Computer > Properties > Advanced > Performance Settings > Advanced > Change.

  13. le mod est bon mais plantage au bout de 10 a 15 mn de jeu il marque eurotrucksimulator2 a cesser de fonctionne merci de corriger les erreur

  14. Where is it possible to read how much memory size it should be?

  15. Mod-Loller

    increased traffic is not possible

  16. For all that have problems have to do like that.

    Make a desktop shortcut of the exe of ETS2.

    Than right click on that and select propreties

    In the string where is writed the location of the exe you have to add this string:

    -mm_pool_size 600

    You can increas that value to 800, 1200 or 1600 in order to how much Ram you have.

  17. This is an example to understand better.

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\eurotrucks2.exe” -mm_pool_size 1200

    1. I did this „C:\Program Files\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\eurotrucks2.exe“ -mm_pool_size ****. But game crash problem persist :~(

      1. What is ****?? You have to put a real value between 400 to 1900 in order to how many RAM you have.

        1. I tried various values: from 800 up to 5800. Now I think it’s hardware problem. GPU temperature rising from 35C up to 48C during the game and maybe GPU don’t like this? I tried reduce GPU clock frequency – game continue some more time, but finally crashes. My system: Win7 Ultimate 32-bit OS, Gigabyte motherboard GA-H67MA-USB3-B3, Intel i3-2100 3,1 GHz CPU, Palit NVIDIA GeForce 640 2GB, 4GB RAM, enough free space on HDD.

          1. Mate you have 4 Gb ram so add:
            -mm_pool_size 800

            for 8 Gb Ram or more then its Max 1200 value

        2. Max value is 1200, No more !

  18. Mod worked fine for me with -mm_pool_size 800, real physic mod and couple of others. The problem was that i met so much lambo police cars like they are getting them for free. There are too much hammers in the city aswell. It completely destroy “realism” feeling.

    1. So for you the realism is to see only focus, a3, mzda 3 and punto in the traffic???

      You hace to think that there are few models of ai cars made for ETS2, so you have to enjoy these models also if in the real life these models are not so widespread

      1. No. But the Police and hammers are running around like it some kinda war coming or something.

        1. SO be careful!! Maybe it really will happen!!:0:0

          1. wannabe funny ?

  19. No, why?? And you wanna be annoyng??

  20. Pretty good mod to bad its LOCKED 🙁

  21. raulonchon

    2GB RAM = SIZE 400 ? O 600 ?

    1. LegoLeipzig


  22. alex du 77120

    tres bon mods mais j’ai le méme probleme du plantage au bout de 10 min et j’ai fait la manipulation -mm_pool_size-800 pour un 4Go et cela me dit qui ne connait pas le raccourcie

  23. can you please make a new version of this great mod without the trailer pack.
    Thank you in advance

  24. thx very much jennenz, now is working fine for me and the mod is great.

  25. how much is it the trucks traffic speed, its the only thing that seems not to work for me

  26. the mod crash my game v.1.4.1, is there an update comming soon of this great mod?


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