Mega Trafo Transport (Oversize)

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Its only have one cargo, and for the others i share it in next update ?

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Ben Affhandy

Ben Affhandy, Blade1974, Roadhunter, Jazzycat


34 thoughts on “Mega Trafo Transport (Oversize)

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Saw the original 3D model in SCS forum ^^

  2. Comment faire pour avoir les camions ?

  3. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Work’s great (:

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  5. I get crash with

  6. People on the trailer when he is moving ???

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      Normal on #heavyduty transport like this. YouTube it & you will see 😉

      1. I looked at the Video.
        All Men still on the trailer while driving. ?

        My Opinion: When he was 100% Roadhunter,
        he was also 100% OK. ?

    2. Normal Special Transports like that dont drive faster than maximum 40km/h so People standing on the Trailer or in a steering cabin at the end are not in danger doing that.

  7. does not work with Promods

  8. Great mod. The Renault and Volvo on pictures is your mod or no, send me link for this trucks.

  9. Ignore this. Page has reloaded and this comment has transformed to this look. (Sorry for bad English)

  10. Super trailer, plese link Renault Range T

  11. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.36…

  12. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.36…

  13. In itself a very good mod. The only problem is that the rear axle unit does not steer separately but is statically mounted on the boiler bridge and, as can also be seen in the films, tighter turns are not drivable without collateral damage.

    1. the game engine cannot currently handle trailers like these. back unit is fixed to the cargo because of that. If that was not the case, and the trailer was not fixed to the cargo, the whole trailer would be an even bigger pain in the behind to handle.

      1. I had already thought so and thank you for the explanatory information. It was also not a criticism or a suggestion for improvement but just a fact to be borne in mind when driving.

  14. Zombieboy

    auf gut deutsch scheiss arbeit geh woanders betteln

    1. Auf gut Deutsch …………… es geht auch ohne Fäkalsprache und Ausfälligkeiten.

  15. Syahmi Asyraff

    Mod Showcase video 1.36

  16. MrBarbuan

    video HD

  17. Jimmy Kyriakou

    Nice trailer but ti has many problems. It’s too dificult to handle it especially in close corners.

  18. Heiko Unverricht

    Leider funktioniert diese geile Mod nicht mit Promods!
    Gibt es dazu irgendwie ein Fix bzw. ist wasgeplant?

    Unfortunately, this awesome mod does not work with promods!
    Is there somehow a fix or is something planned?

  19. nasil yuklicez bunu?

  20. Tom Kristian Jensen

    I can’t get his mod to work on any pc. I get message about bad file. I have WinRar installed but cant get it working. Need help… =)

  21. nasıl indirebilicez?

  22. JackMan Gaming

    it worked at 1.37 | Oleng PARAH! Euro Truck Simulator 2 Ngeblong Dengan Membawa Muatan Oversize Mega Trafo Bikin Gila!

  23. Diyar Bulut

    yüklediğim dorse modlarını kullanamıyorum yardımcı olabilecek varmı?

  24. Działa na 1.36 ???

  25. Fluffumss

    where can i get those trucks in the screenshots?

  26. it wont let me download it

  27. how i get this mod struggling for long time now

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