Mega Tuning Mod V2


This is my second Mega pack for tuning,I fixed several issues I have
been told and compatibility of some parts.

Please, remove all other mods before you put these on your mod
folder, or it may conflict with some of them and cause your game to

Tested on 1.7.0 version with no problems or crashes.

Credits to all the respective authors of the mods for their hard

V2 pack contains:
-TruckShop v8.1,
-TruckShop Addon 7.2,
-TruckShop Front Mudflap Pack V2,
-Megastore 1.9,
-New Volvo Bottom Grill,
-New Tire Upgrade,
-Accessories Pack V2,
-Anbauteile Megamod,
-New grill items for Volvo FH
-Climate for Scania with roof and back ligts
-New Scania bottom grill
-Cross Pack
-New Kelsa HiBar for Scania

Fixed Daf,Mercedes,Iveco,Renault trucks with accessories error.Fixed
cabins for Scania and Volvo.

V1(first launch) pack contains:
-TruckShop v8.1,
-TruckShop Addon 7.2,
-TruckShop Front Mudflap Pack V2,
-Megastore 1.9,
-New Volvo Bottom Grill,
-New Tire Upgrade,
-Accessories Pack V2,
-Anbauteile Megamod,
-Addons for 2012 Volvo FH and Scania R Series.

-Mercedes Logo Lumen (missing mat files,must be fixed from the
original author).
-TruckShop side exhausts are red (missing mat files,must be fixed from
the original author).



36 thoughts on “Mega Tuning Mod V2

  1. Works fine,at least the 5 mods i am using together. No conflicts. Haven’t tried everything at once,because i don’t give a rat’s ### on some of these,but again it’s nice to have all these tunning mods packed in one. Good job Tasos.

    1. What 5 are you using?

  2. so cabins from truckshop 8.1 for scania works all fine?

    1. Yes they are as long as the Volvo and Mercedes cabins.

      1. what about man i have a tgx

  3. I’ve got no clue,as i said i haven’t unpacked all of the mods,just the one’s that i am interested in. Give it a go and see what’s what .. Do a backup save and uncover the unknown,at worst your game will crash and your PC will proly catch fire,nothing you can’t fix with a restart 😛

  4. tasos can you plz make this truckshop 8.1 for scania 2008 by 50K plzzz thx and the cabins for all trucks are working now 😀

  5. perfect!

  6. Video ?

  7. The problem I have is when I load them as they are named. I don;t get any of the MEgastoe lights… so I can click to add all the little lights hook up.. but when I click on the spot to add the lights.. nothing shows up. If I move Mega Store.. I get the Mega store lights.. but lose all the other lights.

    To show what I mean.

    1. You luci cabin?Led’s don’t work there,I’m working on it.

  8. If I use addon hookups I lose all accessories all together. Mind you I only have 2 wheel mods.. nothing else.

    1. What do you mean?When you choose a megastore/truckshop accessory the led’s don’t appear?

      1. Let me see if I can explain this. If I load up everything named As is. I don;t get any of the mega store lights. If I load megastore last.. then I get all the megs store lights but lose all the other lights. If I turn on Addonhook up I lose ALL accessories all together.

        1. I don’t know what causes that,enable all mods,go to your service station and try to add some leds,then send me the log file to see what’s going on

  9. I would not know how to send a log :C

  10. Only thing id like integrated in this mod,althou i’m NOT a big fan of tunning the truck ( i like them classic -just a personal opinion,so don’t get yer asses on fire about it )is an XL – Longline cabin with the proper sideskirts to go for it. AS for the rest,what i’ve tested they go okay.. there will be some errors probably due to conflict with other mods,etc .. With more work i’m sure Tasos here will make them even better far he has done good. Cheers.

  11. accessories didnt work for me, fix that 🙁

  12. hi.. i have one problem with this mod. i go to truck shop and when i choose lights or anything accesories the shop didn´t show accesories … i have 1.7.1 patch.. some links (my screenshots):

    1. Hi, you have another mod that include ///addon_hookup_storage.sii////in def/vehicle/truck search your mods and find which one include addon_hookup_storage.sii then make ONE ONLY .SII with all include store in one mod and delete from the other or others…

      1. yeah it works it 😀 i delete some mods from this pack and … its perfect mod ! a delete zzzzzzFront Mudflap Pack V 2.0 alle trucks.scs and zzzzzzzAddonHookups.scs …

  13. Plase make this work on the 50K scania 2008 thxxx

  14. Hello to all

    I only activated this mega mod, and like majority people in here the all lights, leds and all other lights just not appear…I have the last version 1.7.1

    Before i have activated a unique file mod MegastoreV-1.9 and all that works fine


  15. i have tested this with a new profile no other mods, and also i get no leds or lights accessories !! any suggestions ?

  16. thx for mod Tasos978

    following some issues founded

    My short setup:
    a) Win7 x64
    1) ETS 2 v1.7.1s (Steam – Always update automatically)
    2) DLC Going East!

    :-\ Profile basic without mods (I have a profile without mods just for tests)

    1. I have the same issues but v1 working fine.

  17. … and as I said to you before, there a lot of work to do because these .scs are in old format, causing lags – degreasing the performance of the game.

    thx for your job

  18. What a pile of rubbish, I’ve never in my life seen such a messed up bunch of crudely put together scripts in my entire working life.
    Get a job and leave modding to those who know what they’re doing ffs

  19. Glad to see I’m not the only one. At least now maybe what I was trying to say got across.

  20. Why not put all those files in big one file

  21. Jamie-Rhys

    How about you stop putting these rubbish mods on here. Wasted all that time downloading the piece of #### TWICE – V1 didn’t work, Go into accessories & the game throws me out. & V2 is exactly the same. Change you’re day job because mate you don’t know how to mod if it came up and bit you on you’re ####!!!!!!

  22. doesn’t work properly. either crashes your game or you can add no accessories to the red slots.

  23. Hello,
    and although I have seen it and knew that it was my mod but I’m not in the credits!
    I would like them to do that!

  24. And this gentlemen is why we don’t pack mods together that have been made by real authors and say “here these work all together, just put them together”. That is absolutely ridiculous.



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