Mega Tuning + Scania 50k Accessories


This mod was created after many people e-mailed me wanting the download link for the lights that were
shown on the 730 HP for Daf Euro 6 mod. It implements these lights and some others along with a Mega tuning mod that works on 1.14.x

Author: MasterMods 50k balbo


11 thoughts on “Mega Tuning + Scania 50k Accessories

  1. marchamilton

    is there a mega tuning mod available for the scania T730 ? email me please [email protected]

    1. MasterModers

      Thanks for the video, will use it for all the sites that I upload it to 😀

  2. Dat filesize

  3. Hi.Need a super chassis for Scania. 10×4 Four front wheels turn at the same time and wheel lift is used.
    Without fender off road wheels.Please.I need nothing else. Is this a mega tuning? We love the Russian roads
    Thanks your hard work before.

  4. Is This Just For Scania?

    1. MasterModers

      This mod is ont only for scania, but it has a few more options for them. All trucks have alot of options though so you won’t be left with nothing to do!

  5. Does It Include The New DAF XF Euro6, Scania Streamline And Volvo FH16 2012?

    1. MasterModers

      It doesn’t have the Euro 6, will update in 3 days and the FH16 2012 does have tuning

  6. Sounds interesting 😉

  7. tjfoxhound

    Accessory.scs makes me crash. It will load into the menus, but not into the world.

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