Megaskin pack + scania tuning sound


Megaskin pack + scania tuning sound tested by
Author: Venca B1ACK


9 Responses to Megaskin pack + scania tuning sound

  1. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Yes! At last someone who understands making a pack and left all open, GREAT! Now other people can make their own skins on it, Super Big Thanks,



    • Mod-Loller says:

      this is not the first open 84 trailerskin pack,
      Venca B1ACK took CJoke’s open skinpack to make this one.

      • Mod-Loller says:

        and he doesn’t changed all skins from the original TrailerSkinSplitter 😉

        • Freddy Jimmink says:

          Oh okay i haven’t seen CJoke’s Pack,
          but does not matter it still is Super!

  2. Peter says:

    Is it only to put it in the modfolder or must I delete something else first?

  3. Neil says:

    Making my game crash to desktop…..

  4. Mak-Kyver says:

    is it possible to get alternative DL link??

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