MegaStore V1.8.7



– FIX slot of extra cab MAN
– FIX slot of extra skirts SCANIA ( renamed , arranged and added)
– New skirts Scania 6×2 6×4 and 8×4
– Removing Lights Perimeter Scania Chassis 6×4 6×2 8×4
– New Lights Side Chassis 8×4 Scania
– New Chassis Iveco 8×4 8×2 Hiway
– New Mapping skirts Hiway
– Skirts Hiway 8×4 / 4 and 8×2 / 6
– Neon underbody Hiway 8×4 / 4 and 8×2 / 6
– Neon underbody MAN 8×4 / 4 and 8×2 / 6
– Neon underbody SCANIA 8×4
– Slot skirts Hiway 8×4 / 4 and 8×2 / 6
– Discharge Behind Cab Iveco Hiway combined with tank
– Drainage and water tank on modular chassi 8×4 / 4 and 8×2 / 6 (
– Updated Names / Prices and adding icon of discharges in the
– Updated Shadow Texture MAN 8×4 / 4 and 8×2 / 6
– FIX numbering slot cab MAN
– Added round lights with numbers
– FIX skirts Volvo 2009
– Adding luminous volvo 2009
– Adding luminous volvo 2012
– Interior Original Mercedes Logo
– Added 8 New Led compatible with Roofgrill and Frontgrill
– Added 8 New Mini Led compatible with Roofgrill and Frontgrill
– Added 8 New Mini LED Flashing compatible with Roofgrill and
– Updated all led to roofgrill bottomgrill and frontgrill



38 thoughts on “MegaStore V1.8.7

  1. Ебаный кал, жопа гуся


    1. where we remove the lights,can anyone explain me plz?

  3. MisterOlla

    no led slots for new volvo?

    1. Lets wait for this.

      great job for while Kyto.


  4. You got 8×4 MAN and Scania in your mod, can u do this for a DAF 8×4 8×2 or something like that i would really like that and will be gratefull.
    There is a DAF XF 10×4 but that one sucks and crashes my game, and your modding doesnt keep up the good work.

  5. it is not megastore v1.8.7 it is megastore v1.8
    packed with 7z,
    so the filename is megastore1.8.7z 😉

  6. Thanks once more Kyto

    nice mod as always !

    request for next version:
    * more hook points on the roof to attach horns and lights
    * some hooks point on mirrors for blinkers
    * vertical pipes

  7. On the FH16 2012 (new) Volvo, if I replace the factory globetrotter XL cabin to any from the mod, then the top roof grill disappears and I cannot add it back. This bug was also present in the previous version. It is very annoying, on this way I cannot add horns, neither lamps to the roof. So, the extra slots at the back of the cabin are very good and useful but not on the price to loose the top grill. If you could fiy this it would be awesome.

  8. plz up other link 🙁

  9. angelknight

    you need to put new chassis for new volvo fh16 2012 with greater fuel tank capacity and also (high exhaust pipes behind the truck)for the same truck! is that possible??

    1. angelknight

      i forgot to mention that you need to put a new gear box because with these engines the default gear box sucks big time!

  10. I am digging the mod so far. Every thing has made my ride look pretty cool, but some of the skins I had downloaded have disappeared in the garage. I would be interested to know why that is. Thanks.

  11. hi Kyto

    exists a serious issue with luxury skin(and others few issues):


  12. Hey Kyto sorry for the rude comment I left yesterday, as i spoke before testing basing it upon past versions :$ your coming a long way working on this keep it up 🙂

  13. another mirror please always give me wrong IP error

    1. me, too ;(

  14. Andrusca123

    Kyto. Please if you are the kind to create a multi-LED lights to be stronger in intensity as the brake lights or position and also by signaling, reversing position and stop at all for the rear brake cab if you want and you’re kind of the new volvo and also even for the top and side to side but the cabin is on the line when they installed and not lying down. thank and do a great job sorry for my bad english

  15. Świetny mod polecam – u mnie po wyborze lamp na ,tuningowe, wieczorem dochodzi do dziwnej migajocej poświaty w kabinie a tak wszystkie elementy tuningu działają poprawnie .Dziala na Tsm i Skandynawia .

  16. Dear Kyto,

    I have some suggestions for the next update.
    I would love to see these 2 items on the scania and other trucks.

    Horns on the roof of trucks while we’re still able to use a lightbar on top. like this.

    1. ^^.jpg is part of the url ^^

      And the second thing is.
      A Scania Super logo in chrome, black steel/chrome or plastic black/silver.
      And does somebody have or can make this skin.
      (same picture for super logo and skin).
      ^^(.jpg is part of the url)^^

      I will apreciat it very much Kyto.

      BTW: you make very nice mega stores every time.

      1. For the 50keda Scania it wouldnt be a big problem to create this skin cause he provides the nessesary Templates and his mod is not locked!!!!

  17. Nice little update to your mod Kyto, thanks again for your hard work. Just wish my other mods didn’t knock out most of your mods… ie. the leds. Thanks again mate.

  18. v.1.8 makes my skins go all pink and I have to buy them again to fix it, then they turn pink again after playing like an hour. No problems in 1.7

  19. Would be nice if the accessories worked with stock scania, really want the neon under the chassi

  20. Hi, discovered this a few days ago and works really good, and is nicely done. My feature request: add custom lights to Magnum, on the sides, just under the door (on the small space separating the wheel area and the top). It’s common for magnum tuners to add some lights there on the sides. Thanks.

  21. My game crash when i change the Mercedez cabin, non other makes the game crash, only the Mercedez, i use version

  22. Can’t get it working right – all words turn to scrambled boxes and all the textures disappear….using steam version 1.7s.

    this happens with all the mega mods.

    Why? – is it just me?

    1. I’m not using any other mods either.

    2. im having the same problem and its driving me insane! only that mod does but its the best mod:/

  23. In the next update , can you add customized rear bumper for all the trucks.

  24. LiiKeFam3

    Keep going!!I look forward 8×4 chassis for all trucks.
    Maybe you will add something new. Like tinted glass.

  25. hey Kyto please fix Mercedes error..I love this mod and I love mercedes truck

  26. MotherTrucker

    can you make it in a .rar folder? because it not a .scs file it dont appear in my game

  27. Mod ตัวนี้มันโหลดยังไง รบกวนผู้รู้ตอบหน่อย

  28. ณัฐพล


  29. sanangood

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