Meilink Blokker Combo Pack


Meilink Blokker Skin for Scania R2008 50k Truck and Standalone Trailer

Author: Priester


13 thoughts on “Meilink Blokker Combo Pack

  1. Thanks Priester for the nice skin .
    can you do a Meilink trailer skin for Engel Foreign Food B.V like this :
    Thanks in advance

  2. Yeah i know the trucks. I will take a look at it willy!

  3. Thanks for reply ,
    I`ll wait and see what you can do .

    1. [url=][img][/img][/url]

      Was what i could do for you. Tandem mod is from FlemmingV. Stripped out every truck manufacturer except Scania. Added Engel skin for you for both the cargo (cool)boxes aswel a Engel skin for a Scania Streamline.

      You can find it here:

      I will upload it also here.

  4. Thank you for the quick service its looking good .

    1. Yeah.. and was just using it myself and saw a spelling error on the cargo boxes. I will upload a v2 with a correction soon.

  5. Hallo Priester if its possible can you make it also as a coolliner trailer ?
    als het mogelijk kan je er ook één maken van een coolliner trailer ?
    I looking forward to the V2 version

  6. Ja nederlands is makkelijker. Maar je bedoelt een trailer in EFF kleuren?

  7. V2 is cancelled and merged into this “Dutch Boys” combo pack with above downloadable Engel Foreign Food Scania (but the V2 edition), De Kuikenaer MAN, De Waard DAF and Beemster Volvo skins for both the truck aswel the tandem. Also tweaked the cargo a bit to make it more realistic with the companies. Cargo will appear for all combos.

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