Menci Custom Trailer


Menci Custom Trailer for ETS 1.24

– AO
– Standalone Rims
– Back ladder and handrail will go in “drive position” when connected
– Advanced coupling
– Template included

Respect original download link

Authors: MarcDo, Original trailer: Igor, Bullet lights, lollipop lights, rims: Abasstreppas, Trailer an rims re-Edit: MarcDo


12 Responses to Menci Custom Trailer

  1. king-man says:


    • MarcDo says:


      • king-man says:

        Dont Work. only this mod activated

        • MarcDo says:

          you have ADR?

          • king-man says:

            Jep. Maybe a standalone version would work…but now it is not in my trailer browser or in the Jobs

          • MarcDo says:

            It is fully standalone and works totally fine. Maybe you need to sleep some times until it appears.

          • king-man says:

            Noup. I tried it with a “only standalone trailer” mod and it is not ingame….not standalone.

          • MarcDo says:

            Yes it is standalone and it works totally fine for many others. Maybe you are not on 1.24, or it don´t want to work for you.

          • king-man says:

            its NOT standalone dude!

  2. MarcDo says:

    Wer nichtmal die Ahnung hat, was ein Standalone Trailer ist, oder wie man einen Trailer Standalone macht, ist wohl nicht in der Position zu behaupten der Trailer sei nicht Standalone. Er ersetzt KEINEN Vanilla Trailer und ist somit Standalone. Und jetzt hör auf meinen Mod schlecht zu machen.

    Hier noch ein Screenshot aus dem Aufliegerbrowser:

  3. Garry says:

    Der Trailer läuft perfekt! 😉

  4. S4rk4st says:

    Läuft der auch auf 1.25? 🙂

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