Mercedes 1632 NG 1.42 update by Digital X

Bringing some life back into the old girl, the Mercedes 1632 NG by Ekualizer is now 1.42 ready!

Please see this thread for updates:

The latest update includes window animations with thanks to Dotec. Would not have been possible without his assistance.

Ekualizer for the original truck.
Antonio62 for steering wheel anim fixes.
Mercedes_2632 and Slav Jerry for Engines & Sounds.
azumukupoe for mirror defs.
Dotec for window animation.

You need both files. One file is the truck, other file is the engine sounds.

I do plan some small addons to this truck but I will be mostly keeping it vanilla as it has a lot of addons as it is.

All textures have been resaved as BC3/DXT5 with mipmaps so users on OpenGL can use this as well now.


11 thoughts on “Mercedes 1632 NG 1.42 update by Digital X

  1. Arizona Chicken

    Hi, I can´t find the second file for the engine sounds.
    May you can help me.. 🙁 Thx

    1. Arizona Chicken

      Sorry, I found it on scs-forum. Everything is ok!

      1. gkvfjx gaming


  2. gkvfjx gaming

    HI, truck steam workshop save,
    steam apps -> library -> search by name -> scs workshop uploader ,
    screenshots ->
    steam workshop upload please

    1. DigitalX

      Are you saying you want it on the Workshop?

      1. gkvfjx gaming


  3. gkvfjx gaming

    vary good

  4. DigitalX

    I did try several times to upload this with both old and new sounds but it didn’t appear to upload. Everything you need in the scs forum link. Enjoy!

    An update is in the works for it.

  5. karl2222

    HI. Work with this truck advanced coupling ?

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