Mercedes 1632 NG – Edit by Ekualizer v0.2


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1. Operate texture indicator lamp

2. interchangeable bumpers


Ventures87, Stels, Sobral, Kirill73rus, Ekualizer


14 thoughts on “Mercedes 1632 NG – Edit by Ekualizer v0.2

  1. Mercedes NG 1632 – Edit by Ekualizer v0.2

  2. michael millen

    brilliant job equilizer,do you think its possible to make the cab a half sleeper like aq 1853.then this would be a real work of art

  3. MrGermanTruck

    Test Video with the Truck…

  4. Hey,

    At your agency, I would wait until several new features inside are. I just yesterday downloaded the edited version of Ekualizer.


    this mod is just unbelievable cool. the quality is stunning, the sound also and there are several chassis

  5. tyrannix2342

    Ekaualizer wstaw dźwiek silnika bo ten od majestick jest totalną lipą

  6. Just awesome well done buddy best NG ever, but please add beacon option.
    Thanks 🙂

  7. can you make it tandem

  8. Ekualizer

    Coming soon


  9. 44th MAC Bagger

    THATS EQUILIZER and Team :-),Marvelous 🙂 i love Your Scania 143 but bit sad that no one brings him up to patch 1.12….:-((.
    I use him in my Tordiarybook on TSM 🙂 and these damm NG was the next Oldtimer that found way in there 🙂

  10. fritsthetrucker

    i can’t open it… winrar says file corrupted… downloaded it again, put it in modfolder, and started a game… went to volvo dealer and it’s nowhere to be found 🙁 i want this awesome truck… advice anyone?

  11. Ekualizer


    Unpack it with 7zip

  12. Great truck, realllove it!
    Can you make it the same as the MB 1632 in the tv-show “auf achse” ?

  13. Świetna robota Ekualizer, poprawcie tylko koła bo jadą w wodzie, dzięki

  14. sur quelle version fonctionne t il je suis sur 1.13

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