Mercedes 403 Bus + Interior


Mod tested on 1.3.1 Version

Author: ByMetin44


11 Responses to Mercedes 403 Bus + Interior

  1. elton says:

    make this as a traffic truck it would be cool

  2. David King says:

    You know when I bought this game it said Euro TRUCK Simulator not Euro Bus Simulator

  3. barns says:

    don’t get it with all the buses you mite as well called it euro bus 2 you cant do anything with them
    just drive round so forget the bus mods and stick to the truck mods

    • GoodDayToDie says:

      Maybe they build them now and try them in ETS2 and use them in Euro Coach ??? Both Games are on the same engine so it would be the same way to put them in EC like in ETS2. The same with the American trucks. You don’t see them often in Europe but the Builders maybe wan’t to creat them now and try them in ETS2 and than put them like Busses in EC , into ATS. All 3 Games use the same Engine so it wouldn’t be that hard to put it into the other games

  4. Tarık says:

    Europe code; O 350
    Turkey code; O 403

  5. Reece says:

    What is the point of having bus mods when it is called Euro truck simulator 2

  6. the guy says:

    well bro we want as bus and you want truck just leave us to your argument about truck and bus haha just joking bro

  7. Fiona says:


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