Mercedes 8×4 v 1.1

Mercedes 8x4

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Version 1.1:
– Bug fixes

Author: SpencR3D AKA Kais Modding


9 thoughts on “Mercedes 8×4 v 1.1

  1. MikkelSmikkel

    Does the chassis have the same color as your truck?

  2. always liked this, but now even more.. runs smoothly now. no shakin in curves anymore 🙂 great job. Just hoping bit more modding possibilities

  3. shadows under wheels not right. otherwise works nicely

  4. MikkelSmikkel

    For me the fenders don’t have a texture in the shop?

    1. MikkelSmikkel

      They’re just completely black

  5. ou peut ton trouver le gyrophare hella klx de la video merci

  6. Please update the chassis to the latest version (i.e 1.20)

  7. supermadh

    playing it in 1.21 it seems it has issues with textures

    outside the wipers, the shadow have no textures only plain red
    inside the whole cabin has no textures

    please fix it, i really like it, it looks like the real deal SLT truck

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