Mercedes Actos MPII


Mercedes Actos MPII Truck with interior and tuning

Authors: SCS, Ventures87, Samson et al, Michail, SilverCat, de_Ben, eed123, Bruno, [email protected], Bogdan Chernachuk, by_Lexa


8 thoughts on “Mercedes Actos MPII

  1. how to install mod?

    1. LuluKoprie

      To install, open the compact file (.rar/.zip), grab the .scs file and drop into the “mod”, that is into the Euro Truck Simulator 2 past. Located in “My Documents”. When in the profile selector, click in the “Edit Profile” and select the mod.

  2. MrGermanTruck

    Game Crash on Version 1.13.3 !
    have no other mods in the Mod Folder !

  3. KrisChekh

    Not working in version 1.13 . throws in the selection from the truck

  4. Sarkissian

    This is NOT a Mercedes MPII!!
    It’s a Daf CF!!

    Someone screwed up his files!!!

  5. Ege Kaplan

    Video ? Thank You 🙂

  6. Cromartie

    ### ??

    1. FTW?

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