Mercedes Actros 2014 Blender Texture Fix

Blender-Texture-Fix-1 Blender-Texture-Fix-2

Texture Fix for Blender for Modder.

Author: SCS


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8 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros 2014 Blender Texture Fix

  1. Moyeszka Sravenu-Dertyhvo


    Don’t download this.

    1. Raz0rMind

      Its not a fake 😉
      Works Perfect.

  2. HenriqueSantos

    sorry, but I did not understand what it fixes ..
    Can you tell me what does it do exactly?

    1. Raz0rMind

      When you open the SCS Actros, the cabin is Pink.
      And when you use this, its fixed. Only for Modder, its not a Mod.

      1. HenriqueSantos

        ok, thanks for the reply ..
        I understood that it was for modeling 🙂
        just did not understand what the exact function ..
        I never modeled anything in MB
        just do a few things for Scania and Volvo 😉

  3. Матроскін

    Какой то школьник переконвертировав модель через Zmodeler, подумал что так не будет слитать сглаживание в блендере при экспорте, но оно все равно слитает так что это тупо модель сконвертирована через занозу

    1. Raz0rMind

      I dont speak rus, but i understand eng.

      1. Матроскін

        A translator is difficult to use?

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