Mercedes Actros 2014 Wetron Weert Skin v 2.0 FINAL

This is the final version of the skin.

Worked at this company in Weert in the Netherlands for a apprenticeship and wanted to make this skin.


HSaias, Thomas S


3 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros 2014 Wetron Weert Skin v 2.0 FINAL

  1. scaniatrucker73

    Good job on the skin. 🙂
    Are you also going to make a trailer?

    1. Yes, i already made a skin for the scs trailer, and i am now working on a Bora Trailer, that is the Schmitz trailer from Millsyb.

      But i haven’t published them yet.

      Btw, you know this company?

    2. Ow yeah, i forgot to say that i am going to be posting the original MB MP4 skin. That one is for the Streamspace

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