Mercedes Actros MP IV + Interior

Mercedes-Actros-MP-IV+Interior-1 Mercedes-Actros-MP-IV+Interior-2

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Standalone Mercedes Actros MP IV Truck with interior, tuning parts, wheels

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Authors: ED94, seckin01, DANZ, CH_Vitalik, Axeet, Agus2an, Ventyres, roadhunter, Harald-RS,Scanreg. DaDo, Robertas14, Ignition8, Ventyres, ExclusiveUA


12 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP IV + Interior

    1. Video is private :/

      1. look now 😉

  1. TruckSimFan

    Is there anything different in this one vs. the version 4 one already on the site?

  2. RacingFede

    Does it have the correct engines?

  3. Someone has stupidly re uploaded the same truck that was already on this site ridiculous.

  4. Just re-upload? Or ready for 1.9.xx?

    1. Anyone spot the difference ? I cant obvious re-upload

  5. Why can no one make the sideskirts for the 6X4 chassis?? I looked to all MP4 mods. Or maybe i missed one?

  6. whats the difference with the previous version?

  7. Rodgeydodge

    Now this is a good looking #### truck thankyou

  8. which game version

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