Mercedes Actros MP1 [1.40]

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The first generation Actros was introduced in 1996 and production continued until 2003 and had a Innovative features such as Electronically Controlled Air Brake System, Intelligent Disc Brakes on both front and rear, introduction of the Controller Area Network (CAN) Technology for the chassis and drivetrain. Electro-pneumatic circuit on the new transmission models and the introduction of the new OM 500 V6 and V8 diesel engines with Telligent engine control.
Chassis and Powertrain

The Actros was the first truck to emerge with the collaboration between designers and aerodynamic engineers, the manufacturer was able to reduce the flow resistance by 17%.
The chassis of the Actros is available in two, three or four axles with the option of air suspension. A total of 3300 mm and 6300 mm wheelbase can be selected, the construction version of the Actros is available between 3300 and 5100 mm wheelbase with the option of Leaf or Air Suspension on the front axle and Parabolic leaf springs on the rear.
The Construction variant of the Actros with 4×2 axle configuration are equipped with drum brakes.
Engine and Transmission

The Engines for the MP1 Actros is equipped with OM501LA V6 or OM502 V8 mated to a 16-speed manual gearbox or 16-speed hydropneumatically-operated automatic gearbox.
Fuel Processing

Another new feature of the Actros is the Pump-Line Nozzle Fuel injection system, an improvement for the plug-in pumps that have been used for decades. Each Cylinder has its own injection pump which is driven by its own camshaft.

You need DLC Cabin and DLC Flag’s.
Also this mod support SISL’s Cabin Megapack.




v1.4 for v1.40.x
Fixed small bug.
Added New UK Cabin.
Removed noise interior sound.
Removed Old Physic File
Fixed idle sound engine.


v1.3 for v1.39.x
fixed small bug.
added new sound by EVR (two option fan / nofan).
added tyres sound (Kapitan Kriechbaum).
added new physic by Yasin Calim.


v1.2 for v1.39.x
updated pmg file version
updated dds texture (dx11 support)
Added new animation windows
Fmod compability support
Now available template for paintjob
Renew definition for 1.39
updated anims for new rain system.


v1.1 for 1.33.x
reworked all chassis variants(same way as mp2)
added rear fenders variants
added mufflers
reworked plastic bumper/front fender
fixed dashboard light
fixed interior glass brighntess
updated anims for new rain system
updated kerb weights on all chassis
fixed missing interior glass degrade accessory
fixed ui shadow


v1.0 for v1.32.x
Added 6 Chassis Variants
Fixed all interior visible polygons and broken things.
Fixed the max possible of bumper,grill,cabsides,fender and cabin visible polygons
Fixed steering W
Fixed rain on interior
Fixed side mirror on interior
Removed 500MB of “residuals” files
updated all model parts .PMG files
resized some textures for better performance
added some upgrades
added new spoiler
added front mirror on interior
removed some useless/unused/ very outdates upgrades


if you found a bug you can contact me or leave a comment.
Locked mod !!! don’t try to unlock this mod without permission.

ValheinXL, JamesKirk, Gadreel, Ant457, Danz, by_Lexa, Pedro Vendeira,Vitalya Maloy,EVR,Kriechbaum,Wildan Habibi,BWS Transport,SCS.

DOWNLOAD 85 MB [mirror]

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  1. adam mead

    which one is which there is 2 in the folder a locked version and an unlocked version what the difference between the 2 or do u need both

    1. AvM Transport

      The unlock version is 5MB bigger 😀

  2. Sorry schrott nicht offen kein download

    1. AvM Transport

      Woher willst du ohne Download wissen, ob es Schrott ist oder nicht? Davon abgesehen ist es “offen” 😉

  3. Customization & Gameplay :

  4. I dont run this mod . This mod incompatible for 1.40 ?

  5. Crashes before the dealer is selected … Gamelog full of errors … Scrap!

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