Mercedes Actros MP1 Update 1.39 [Fix bug + add new sound]

v1.3 for v1.39.x
fixed small bug.
added new sound by EVR (two option fan / nofan).
added tyres sound (Kapitan Kriechbaum).
added new physic by Yasin Calim.

ValheinXL, JamesKirk, Gadreel, Ant457, Danz, by_Lexa, Pedro Vendeira,Vitalya Maloy,EVR,Kriechbaum,BWS Transport,SCS


5 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP1 Update 1.39 [Fix bug + add new sound]

  1. The_One_Over_There

    i like it but the lightmask looks odd.

    the right headlight has no lightmask at all and the left head light has only half a lightmask 🙁

    while it was fine on older versions i’ve had

  2. Great job mate!
    Love the sound!

  3. can you create Laika ecovip L 3009 please? In ai traffic there is Hymer motorhome, can you create a mod with this..
    Please create only exterior please.. there are a lot of cars and not camper.

  4. What’s the password?

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