Mercedes Actros MP1 v 1.1 [1.33.x] [UPD 10-12-18]

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Cables ready.
Flags DLC ready.
Cabin DLC & SiSL megapack compatibility.
Needs SiSL megapack to all cabin accessories work correctly.
Addapted to 1.33.x ETS2 game version.

v1.1 for 1.33.x
reworked all chassis variants(same way as mp2)
added rear fenders variants
added mufflers
reworked plastic bumper/front fender
fixed dashboard light
fixed interior glass brighntess
updated anims for new rain system
updated kerb weights on all chassis
fixed missing interior glass degrade accessory
fixed ui shadow
other minor fixes on all truck

ValheinXL,Gadreel, Ant457, Danz, by_Lexa, Pedro Vendeira,Vitalya Maloy…sounds & gearbox from Kriechbaum


15 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP1 v 1.1 [1.33.x] [UPD 10-12-18]

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.33

    1. DId you make this rubbish video? That’s great!

      1. neranjana

        if you can do it better, so do it, ##### ?

        1. Don’t get so heated, beg**r YouTuber.
          I respect mod authers. YouTuber? Not need to say anymore.

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33…

    1. Are you happy getting benefit yourself at mod author’s expense?

      1. It’s called testing… It’s like gaming videos you can watch to check if it’s worth buying or not…
        Also, talking about benefit, are you serious? You barely make any monay on youtube nowadys uinless you have millions subs or views…
        And anyway a lot of people including me use youtube to find mods, not only these websites that only provides links, you don’t even know if it’s scam or working stuff until it’s tested, either by yourself or youtuber.

        1. Ok I didn’t check for errors before posting, whatevs… xD

  3. Gregoris Grigoriadis

    nice truck but only drive with 6 speed trucks

  4. Bodyguardxp

    ETS 2 – Mercedes ACTROS MP1 [1.33]

    1. There is no file…..

  5. xSametreyiz

    hello sounds is not working the truck

  6. Skelletor87

    really beautiful truck, but there is a bug with the 4×2 chassis!
    The trailer is too close to the cab. Driving without damage is not possible with the 4×2 chassis. The trailer is generally too close to the cab at all chassis 🙁

    can you pls fix this?

  7. Truckercharly

    No File

  8. bitte auf 1.35 wäre echt nice

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