Mercedes Actros MP1 V.1.5 | 1.40

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Mercedes Benz MP1

Cables ready.
Flags DLC ready.
Cabin DLC & SiSL megapack compatibility.
Needs SiSL megapack to all cabin accessories work correctly.
Addapted to 1.40 ETS2 game version.



v1.5 for v1.40.x
fix some crash issue.
rework all material.
also fix flare reflection.
fix uk cabin reposition.


v1.4 for v1.40.x
fixed small bug.
Added new uk cabin.
Removed noise interior sound.
Fixed idle sound engine.
Added new lowdeck chassis (4×2).


v1.3 for v1.39.x
fixed small bug.
added new sound by EVR (two option fan / nofan).
added tyres sound (Kapitan Kriechbaum).
added new physic by Yasin Calim.


v1.2 for v1.39.x
updated pmg file version
updated dds texture (dx11 support)
Added new animation windows
Fmod compability support
Now available template for paintjob
Renew definition for 1.39
updated anims for new rain system


v1.1 for 1.33.x
reworked all chassis variants(same way as mp2)
added rear fenders variants
added mufflers
reworked plastic bumper/front fender
fixed dashboard light
fixed interior glass brighntess
updated anims for new rain system
updated kerb weights on all chassis
fixed missing interior glass degrade accessory
fixed ui shadow


v1.0 for v1.32.x
Added 6 Chassis Variants
Fixed all interior visible polygons and broken things.
Fixed the max possible of bumper,grill,cabsides,fender and cabin visible polygons
Fixed steering W
Fixed rain on interior
Fixed side mirror on interior
Removed 500MB of “residuals” files
updated all model parts .PMG files
resized some textures for better performance
added some upgrades
added new spoiler
added front mirror on interior
removed some useless/unused/ very outdates upgrades


that’s all, enjoy the first MP1 truck on the history without bugs (i hope :v).

Gadreel, Ant457, Danz, by_Lexa, Pedro Vendeira,Vitalya Maloy,Vasily EVR,Kriechbaum,BWS Transport,SCS


7 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP1 V.1.5 | 1.40

  1. AvM Transport

    v1.4 – 45MB
    v1.5 – 411MB

    Only a few fixes?

  2. Crashes when using the front mirror.

  3. indirmeyin bozuk

  4. It’s great, I love it! Drives well, sounds nice, neat customization and looks like a quality truck. My weapon of choice to conquer Iberia! Cheers!

    My only critique would be the tinted windows, they’re way too dark for my liking and that the front mirror indeed crashes the game after purchasing.
    Also the sound between 500RPM and 1000RPM sounds very quite in comparrison to everything else.
    I’m not saying that because I think the truck is bad, I say it because I think it’s fantastic and those little things are worth fixing imho to make a great truck even greater.

  5. crash when i buy it

  6. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – MB Actros MP1 (Tuning Mod) v1.5 [1.40]

  7. Can you make please a Rolls Royce Phantom , Cullinan , Ghost , Wraith , Dawn , Black Badge ?

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