Mercedes Actros MP1


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Mercedes Benz Actros MP1 Truck with Interior and Addons

Tested 1.12.1

SCS, Ant457


2 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP1

  1. Show it with some proper wheels please, or are they all that small?
    It just looks wrong.

    1. Jelly Belly

      I’ve downloaded this mod and yes the wheels it comes with are that small!
      I’m so glad I’ve several wheel mods in my game as these look awful. Apart from that the mod is not half bad, a few gaps here and there depending on what body you put on it. Had a small issue with the roof lights not in the roof when using the car transporter, as you can’t have the Topline type cab the lights are just floating in mid air LOL
      All in all not bad really.

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