Mercedes Actros MP3

Mercedes-Actros-MP3-1 Mercedes-Actros-MP3-2 Mercedes-Actros-MP3-3

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Pack includes:
– Mercedes Actros MP3 & sound by Kriechbaum

Mod has it’s own wheels, lightmask and interior with navigation

Author: Bebech, Kriechbaum


4 Responses to Mercedes Actros MP3

  1. Mihai Valeanu123 says:

    I like you truck and give to my link on trailer pls.

  2. lea says:

    my game crash with this truck..MHApro 1.22… truck is old mod from 2014…

  3. Mihai Valeanu123 says:

    Link for trailer! Pls!

  4. Ledian says:

    Crashes game… using game version 1.22, deleted mod.. no more crashing

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