Mercedes Actros MP3 Manvesta V2


Fixed cars position,
Added new flarepack,
Fixed psysichs,
More hood – accessories,
New sounds,
Fixed FPS drop.

– Gytis – Robertas14 – Rimuus – RockweLL – Da Do – Beniel
– David – Shery0 – UzoCan16 – MechanikLT – PsysichsmodPro

DOWNLOAD 102.7 MB sharemods
DOWNLOAD 102.7 MB uploadfile

9 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP3 Manvesta V2

  1. Krassen Panev

    Still play on very low FPS. In next version do you update without cars ?

    1. leuk mooie truckj

  2. works 1.9.22?

  3. John Balony

    More pictures?

  4. Crash game.There is a too big file in the mod.
    Press the “0” (zero) button in the game. Please.

  5. it’s still ####, it could be a really nice mod if you make it better! So i hope you do.

  6. gavno

  7. no FPS drops, no lag on my pc. Very nice mod! I was very long waiting for this mod. Keep up the good work guys!!

    You have to start a new game for this mod to work.

    1. That’s really shi*t

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